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This Isn't Your Typical Dental PPC Campaign

Maximize Earnings with Leads that Are Looking for High-Priced Services

A great way to secure new dental practice clients is through search engines. However, we know that it can be difficult to make your investment in Google Ads profitable if the primary focus of your campaign is attracting basic teeth cleaning or checkup inquiries. The math isn’t profitable. But if you focus on people searching for high-priced dental services and treatments like dental implants, Invisalign, root canals, or other high-end cosmetic leads, the profits make sense. And we know the exact keywords and landing pages that will bring these patients to your practice.

transform your campaigns with our knowledge

Analyzed $1M in Dental PPC Ad Spend

Thousands of Clicks Burn Your Money

After analyzing over 100,000 search terms in dental PPC campaigns across hundreds of clients, we found less than 10% converted.

Massive Testing Uncovered a Winner

With years of testing we found a winning landing page that brings in more patients when stacked up against most websites.

Bank the Savings and Revenue

By cutting out wasted clicks on search terms and using landing pages proven to drive results, you get more patients at less cost.

Hyper-Efficient Google Ads for Dentists

Based on our research, most dentists have SEVERELY under-performing PPC Google Ads campaigns. That means you could be overpaying for clicks on search terms that never result in new patients. And your competitors could be getting most of the leads & customers.

If you’re not satisfied with your current campaigns or you’re planning to invest in Google Ads, we can help! When you apply our proprietary data analysis to your campaigns, you can see positive results in a matter of weeks. 

The dental PPC management and fulfillment team at REVGENIC is a Google Premier Partner managing over $3M in advertising spend a month for local service businesses.

Proven Keywords

Minimize wasted spend on clicks and focus your PPC spend on proven winners.

proactive management

We follow a proven roadmap to achieve maximum results and optimal performance.

tested landing page

Access our battle-tested landing page that has generated results in other dental PPC campaigns.

added value

We provide call tracking, conversion tracking, and a transparent reporting dashboard.

Start with a Free Dental Marketing Strategy Session

Fill out a short survey about your current Google Ads investment and goals to get started. 


What is included in setup?

Proven landing page and campaign setup including strategic competitive landscape audit and optimal ad copy and messaging build out.

What if we have multiple locations

Setup fees will be slightly higher because each campaign is designed around a focused radius around your practice. 

Can we use our website instead of the included landing page?

No, we use the landing page that was purpose built for our Smart Dental Campaigns. They are tested to maximize performance. 

How long will it take to get setup and get our first lead?

After an onboarding call, your campaign should be live in about two weeks. There is a ramp up period for Google to allow your campaign to show ads. It can take up to 90 days to active an optimal lead flow.

How can i see our ads?

Never search for your own ads because by searching and not clicking, it looks like you didn’t find what you were looking for and performance could be negatively impacted. 

what is not included?

Your ad spend is not paid to us. It is paid directly to your Google Ads account via credit card. Custom landing page requests are also not included.